Mascots are famous people on

Name Info Usernames

Rookie Rookie is a clumsy, EPF agent who likes pizza

His favorite place it the Pizza Parlor

Rookie (Former)

EPFRookieFP (Current)


Cadence is the DJ and Dancer for

Her favorite room is the Dance Clue / Night Club



Sensei is the founder of Card-Jitsu and the former friend of Tusk

Sense's favorite room is the Dojo



Rockhopper was the founder of the puffles and the owner of the Migrator

Rockhopper's favorite rooms are the Plaza, Migrator, Beach, and the Pizza Parlor

ERockhooper / Rockhopper / YRockhopper
Dot Dot is know as Agent D. Dot is a clothing designer for

Dot's favorite places are the Clothing Shop, and the EPF Command Room

Dot PF / DotBot
Gary Gary is's great inventor. He is partnered with his helper, TheBestGBYT

Gary's favorite places are the EPF Command Room, and the Town

Gary / Gary T G G
Aunt Arctic Aunt Arctic is the's newspaper writer and the EPF Director

Aunt Arctic favorite places are the Upstairs Room in the Coffee Shop, and the EPF Command Room

Aunt Arctic / AuntA
Jet Pack Guy Jet Pack Guy (His real name is Guy) is and EPF Agent who has a jet pack

Jet Pack Guy's favorite rooms are the EPF Command Room, and the Becon

JetPackGuy / JetPGuy
Herbert P Bear Herbert P Bear is's evil villain along with his glad friend, Klutzy

Herbert P Bear's favorite places are the EPF Command Room, Pizza Parlor, and the Town

Rory Rory is's construction guy and helped fix the Migrator

Rory's favorite rooms are the Snow Fort, EPF Command Room, and the Town


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